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Mars Giolas – Phaceblaster (Single)

Phaceblaster is the latest single from musician/producer Marsden Giolas for Garden House Records. With this single, we hear Mars investigating 1990’s rave anthems and

Marsden Giolas Releases NEW “Red Lining” Single!

Marsden Giolas Releases NEW “Red Lining” Single! Musician/artist Marsden Giolas turns in another fantastic single for Garden House Records. This time

A new song from Mott’s “Afterhours” to air on WXRT Chicago!

Local Anesthetic’s host Richard Milne will be spinning new tracks from Lucille Furs, John Mott, Shy Technology, Remington Pettygrove, 

Over a decade in the making: Afterhours

Garden House is proud to present an album that took almost fifteen years to make, “Afterhours”. Chicago based singer-songwriter John Mott has found himself busy with numerous projects over the past fifteen years

Mars | Starlight (Digital Single) is now available!

Mars | Starlight (Digital Single) is now available! Hear the latest single from musician/artist Marsden Giolas. Mars’ magic is present once again shimmering synths, deep pulsing bass,

Tetra F(x) releases Rainfall 12″ single

Tetra F(x) releases Rainfall 12″ single Hear the latest single from musician/producer Tetra F(x). Tetra F(x)’s signature sound at work here as 8-bit arpeggios dance over subtle chording, drums sync then un-sync

Zak Kerkhoven drops a new single with GHR!

Zak Kerkhoven drops a new single with GHR! We are very excited to introduce multi-instrumentalist Zak Kerkhoven debut digital single for Garden House Records. *The lead track “She’s The One” relies

John Mott “Her” premiered on WXRT

If you happened to be listening to the radio last night and you were dialed into 93.1 FM in Chicago, you may have heard the preview track “Her” from John Mott’s

Marsden Giolas – Club | Mars

The highly anticipated second full length release from Marsden Giolas’ “Club | Mars” is now available! This album was recorded, produced and written by Marsden Giolas in Chicago, Illinois

Cashed Debuts “The Occupants”!

There is a definite mystery to Cashed’ output is dream-like in nature and it possesses a delicate sense of elegance that teeters between the worlds of the living and the dead. A soundtrack for

Sleepy’s Debut Single!

Sleepy is a Chicago based electronic music duo founded in winter 2015. Their music is informed by U.K. garage and jungle that flirts with ambient or down tempo themes. These tracks ooze with the influences such as J-Dilla, Boards of Canada, Burial and Photek seemingly blending genres into a new direction despite very deep roots. Enjoy! Listen Here SoundCloud

Souljunky featured on WXRT’s Local Anesthetic!

Souljunky’s “The dawns are heartbreaking” received it’s radio debut just last night on 93.1 FM WXRT Chicago. Sunday night DJ Richard Milne hosts a show named “Local Anesthetic” that features the Chicago-land are and Northwest Indiana’s best bands. Mr. Milne reported the current hiatus and refers to the group’s latest E.P. as “some seriously good songwriting” and played the track “Avenue A”. Listen Here Download Here

Tetra F(x) @ Chicago Digital Arts & Music Festival

Tetra F(x) aka Owls & Pillz performing live @ Chicago Digital Arts & Music Festival.

Marsden Giolas on The Myth Of Fingerprints

Mars gets interviewed by Jonah Luke regarding how he creates his music, how he titles his songs, and what the future holds. They also listen to Greater Lakes from the Midwest EP at the end of this episode. Big ups to Mars for representing the Garden House collective!  

Owls & Pillz – Blue Line NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s official! The debut e.p. from musician/producer Owls & Pillz aka Sean Walker is now available! This album was produced and written by O&P and we can get behind it being some of his best work so far. Like many of today’s musicians, Sean produces within the digital realm utilizing both software and hardware to produce heavily experimental and avant-garde music. Enjoy at high volumes! Read More

Garden House Radio now on SoundCloud & MREG

Our in-house artists love DJ as much as they love producing music. That being said we put the effort forth to create a new SoundCloud channel dedicated solely to that purpose. Coincidentally we were also recently discovered by MREG (a streaming online radio station) and they are now streaming our mixes daily on there down-tempo channel. Enjoy!

Oh yeah… DJ Chris Hess

Shame on us, we nearly forgot to post this but a few folks got around to listening to it anyways. Garden House Podcast (formerly Souljunky Radio One) presents Relax 2: A Downtempo Mix by DJ Chris Hess. We hear a deejay searching for records and slamming them together. A sixty minute roller coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs. Chris Hess delivers a great follow up to Relax 1 that jumps all over the place. From the slow electro burn of […]


Garden House Records’ Marsden Giolas has entered a contest to DJ/ perform live at this year’s North Coast Festival! Eight Finalists will be chosen out of the top thirty, they will then battle at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. Only one live act and one DJ will be chosen. It would truly be appreciated if you could vote for Marsden Giolas. We couldn’t think of a more deserving and talented individual.   Vote early and vote often!