Zak Kerhoven – She’s The One (Digital Single)

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Release Date: 2017-06-13
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We are very excited to introduce multi-instrumentalist Zak Kerkhoven debut digital single for Garden House Records. *The lead track “She’s The One” relies heavily on blue-eyed soul riffing paired with a dancing chorused Fender Rhodes electric piano seemingly floating amongst waves of thick reverb drenched vocals. We have it playing non-stop and firmly believe that your summer anthem may have finally arrived. **Sleepy turns in a fantastic bass-heavy downtempo remix that playful employs some fine 90’s house elements. And even more good news, “She’s The One” is FREE for all!


All songs written & composed by Zak Kerkhoven | * Produced by Chris Hess & Zak Kerkhoven for Garden House Records @ Garden House Studio – Park Forest, IL | ** Produced by Sleepy for Garden House Records @ Garden House – Park Forest, Illinois – 06/13/17