Souljunky - performing live at Double Door (Chicago, IL)

Souljunky is a alternative musical collective from Chicago that currently resides in hibernation mode. The group released their debut extended player “Here and Now” in 2011 which had been described as “delightfully ethereal” and “twenty minutes of sweet musical escapism”. Later, a full-length debut titled “I Found Your Dream” in December of 2012. Reviews of “I Found Your Dream” referred to the record as a “Deeply charged, emotional explosion” and “exceptionally smart and eloquently shaped”. And lastly “The Dawns are Heartbreaking” in 2015.

Souljunky formed in 2011, consisting of singer-songwriter John Mott and multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Hess with bass great John Vander Weit, pianist/vocalist Eric Chase on auxiliary keys as well as Grant Niebergall on drums/percussion. This tight knit group of musicians and long time friends quickly developed their own distinctive sound which quickly dispensed the usual “They sound like…” comparisons.

However, upon closer inspection one can easily hear Souljunky’s influences such as: early new wave, electro, post-punk, disco, soul, shoe-gazing, rock, afro-beat to name a few. Ultimately the group has a sound that is all it’s own and the group continues to work in multiple projects these days including Sleepy and The Michael Page Quartet.

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