Mars Giolas – Phaceblaster (Single)

Phaceblaster is the latest single from musician/producer Marsden Giolas for Garden House Records. With this single, we hear Mars investigating 1990’s

Mars Giolas – Red Lining (Digital Single)

Red Lining is the latest single from the amazingly talented musician/producer Marsden Giolas for Garden House Records. Mars

John Mott – Afterhours

Garden House is proud to present an album fifteen years is the making, “Afterhours”. Chicago based singer-songwriter John Mott has found himself busy with numerous projects

Mars Giolas – Starlight (Digital Single)

Mars Giolas – Starlight (Digital Single) Starlight is the latest outstanding single from musician/producer Marsden Giolas for

Tetra F(x) – Rainfall (12″ Single)

Tetra F(x) – Rainfall (12″ Single) Rainfall is the latest single from musician/producer Tetra F(x) for Garden House Records. Tetra F(x)’s signature sound is heavily

Zak Kerhoven – She’s The One (Digital Single)

We are very excited to introduce multi-instrumentalist Zak Kerkhoven debut digital single for Garden House 

Sleepy – I almost forgot my sedative (7″ digital single)

Chicago based electronic duo Sleepy return with another single for Garden House Records. The group’s sound heavily relies on

Tetra F(x) – Coming to an End (7″ Single)

An out of the blue single from musician/producer Tetra F(x). And a stellar single at that. We can hear Tetra F(x)’s sound mature as synths roll

Marsden Giolas – Club | Mars

The highly anticipated second L.P. from Marsden Giolas’ “Club | Mars”. Exploring a more sophisticated club sound Mars never loses sight of his

John Mott – Glimmer | Strummer (Single)

This single marks the welcome return of Souljunky’s John Mott and a full length to follow. Theses tracks were recorded in various studios

MPQ – Twenty One Hundred Dub (7″ Single)

The first new track in over 11 years from Milwaukee’s MPQ. Organic samples and a grinding, infamous breakbeat that slowly builds to a duo-

CA$HED – The Occupants

The debut single “The Occupants” from Colorado based musician/producer Cashed. A future forward slice of music concrete that is deeply rooted in

Sleepy – We All Believe Together Now (Single)

Chicago based electronic duo Sleepy turn in a debut single for Garden House. The group’s sound relies heavily on U.K. garage and jungle

Souljunky – The Dawns Are Heartbreaking (EP)

A final farewell E.P. from Chicago’s Souljunky that seeks to hold onto to those teenage summer nights forever. The band’s sound is fully formed and hard to

Marsden Giolas – Midwest (L.P.)

The official Garden House debut of Marsden Giolas. Aphex Twin and Squarepusher definitely come to mind upon first listens but we believe Mars is developing

Owls & Pillz – Blue Line (EP)

Here is the first official e.p. from Owls & Pillz aka Sean Walker. The sound of this record is unmistakable, dubstep with a pronounced

Ola Kuna – Your Balearic Heart (7″ single)

At last, the first official single from the Chicago based DJ collective known as Ola Kuna. This track was produced by Chris Hess

Souljunky – There and Then (EP)

A compilation of alternate takes form Souljunky’s debut EP titled “Here and Now”. These songs were recorded throughout the fall of 2011 and spring of

Souljunky – I Found Your Dream (LP)

The second full-length from Souljunky was recorded in 2012. The album sees the group come into their own with a more developed dance

Souljunky – Chinese Tattoo

Recorded in the summer of 2012 at Cinnamon Sound Studios (Aurora, IL) by Chris Radostits. Both songs on this free digital single were produced by

Souljunky – Here and Now (EP)

Chicago’s newly formed musical collective Souljunky recorded their debut in the summer and fall of 2010. An album that proved to be a mixed bag

Soul Explosion Orchestra – Get Ready People (LP)

This record had a limited release back in 2004 but still remains a fantastic listen full of funk, soul and psychedelia. Street scenes

Soul Explosion in Dub – Wonderful (7″ single)

Arguably one of the best tracks on the SEO’s debut record. Handmade CDs were released at parties and DJ sets with alternate

Bellsize – Pools of Blue (LP)

Bellsize was a musical collaboration between singer/songwriters Christopher Hess and John Mott (both on vocals and guitar)